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The Social Connection
Social Connection: Thank You For Coming

By Joanne Cipriano, CT State Grange Social Connection Director

  June 7, 2017 --

In the last Granger I said we would report on our ”Around the World” Dinner. I also said I hope everyone will be saying they had a good time. I think that statement is true. We had a good variety of food from different countries, a good attendance and a fun program. Our menu included: Ziti and Meatballs prepared by Chef Barbara Robert, Polenta by Maureen and Phil Prelli, Italian dish by Patty Tarca, Irish Stew Pat Fischer, Spanish Rice Jean Meehan, Philippines Dish Beverly Percoski, Rippchen mit sour kraut Judi Reynolds, Stuffed cabbage Harriet Sawczuk, French Meat Pies Georgette Bisson, Queso Dee’as Marcia Gaspar, Portuguese Marco Gasper, Swedish Meatballs Linea Erickson and Mac and Cheese Eloise Osuch.

The desserts and breads were prepared or donated by Carol Swanson, Joanne Ritchie, Tracey Marsala, Jodi Ann Cameron, Barbara Robert, Carole Mancini and Cindy Legg.

One of the numbers on the program was “Last Man Standing or Majority Rules”. We had to change the name as the winners were two ladies Maureen Prelli and Jaimie Cameron. Marcia Gasper was the most co-ordinated in that contest, Ruel Miller and Pat Bisson were the only ones who knew the words to the song ”Around the World.” And we found that Wesley Dymonk knew how to tell time.

We can’t thank everyone enough for your support.


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