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Youth News
Youth: Looking Ahead

By Donald Lanoue, State Youth Director

  JUNE 2008 -- Hello everyone!

I hope that you are enjoying your spring. Though the youth have taken a little break from busy activities, I hope that the youth are looking into contests that they are interested in.

We are looking for youth members that would like to represent the state at the National Session this year. You can be one of the youth ambassadors or possible an officer that will open the National Grange on Friday morning there are many possibilities for the youth to come to the Session. If none of the contests interest you just come and enjoy the youth days at the Session.

If you have not taken the seventh degree this will be the perfect opportunity to receive the degree. Please feel free to contact me or look at the National Grange hosting committee's website and the National Grange website to find out what is going on at the National Session.
Other activities that the youth are doing is the lasagna dinner on Grange Sunday. We are will also participating in the Northeast Youth Conference in Rhode Island. This will be held on July 11,12 and 13 in Exeter. If anyone is interested in come please feel free to contact me and I will share the information with you.


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