Thursday, April 26, 2018
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Around The Grange
March News From Vernon Grange

By Nancy Strong

  March 15, 2017 --

March 3 : Spring Chickens

March 21: Crossing the Road to visit Manchester Grange

Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to visit Manchester Grange on March 21st with a program on chickens. Vernon Grange will be testing out the program that we will be taking to Manchester Grange. This is the third year that we have exchanged programs and always is a fun time! All are welcome to join us.

At the February meeting we awarded Kids in Limos with the Community Citizen Award and donated the $50 that we were awarded for the “G” bill contest. Kids in Limos presented a program on their rides for cancer and special needs kids. Their stories brought tears to our eyes. This is a grass roots 501(c)3 with only a few volunteers. Definitely a good cause to support! For stories and more information go to www.kidslimos.org

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