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Agriculture / Conservation News
Time to start thinking about the

By Janet Healy, State Agriculture Director

  JUNE 2008 -- This will be a short article.  The seeds for the Grange Agricultural Contest at the State Session have been distributed to the individual Pomonas and should be in local Granges soon for planting.  You may note that this year we have stated that as long as the pumpkins have been grown by someone in your Grange you may decorate them.  We have had problems with some of the products not growing for some who wished to enter.
During the early summer you will be receiving the form for the Farmer of the Year nominations to be presented at State Session.  We fully appreciate the many entries that we received, and many were excellent.  However, the ones that had personal recommendations were the ones that caught our attention. 

We ask that you not only send in a newspaper article or other material, but that you visit the candidate and write up an article as to why you think this person deserves this honor.  This involves personal contact, but makes a much better program at the session.
One last note, I wish to thank Bob and Cindy Charbonneau for their work in making the seed packets, and to Morris Buck for obtaining the seed.


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