Monday, December 17, 2018
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Around The Grange
February News from Ekonk Community Grange

By Sue Gray

  February 15, 2017 --

By the time you read this, sadly, we will have draped our Charter twice more! Golden Sheaf Granger, Phyllis Thurlow (we draped it for one of her sons’ in July-Chuck Thurlow) and Beverly MacDonald. We have lost more Grangers to death this past year than in the 45 that I have been Secretary...very sad for all! Beverly Bonin is doing a fabulous job delivering food to needy families (for our Grange). She delivered 8 at Christmastime and we voted to pay for meat for the baskets she will be delivering regularly to five families with continuing need.

Our hall was filled to capacity for the meal for young Kenny Phaiah (36) from Oneco, who died too young, leaving a 29 year old widow (Sarah). We were glad to help Sarah in this small way. Our Grange sits as a symbol of service and we open it for anyone with a need... Sarah had a need. Our Grange was a big part of the gift giving to 31 Sterling families and 115 children who otherwise would not have received gifts at Christmas. Humbling when a child asks for socks!

When the sap begins to run this early spring, our Juniors will carpool to New Hampshire to visit a “Sugar Run”, which uses horses to collect and transport the sap!

We continue “sprucing up” as we prepare to host the National Officers/State Master’s Conference here Feb. 17th-19th. Barbara Bonin reported that new homemade curtains will grace every NEW window before then! We love our new windows-thanks to Link Cooper for installing them!

We have begun rehearsals for the fun program we will bring to Richmond, RI on St. Patrick’s Day. Always fun to visit Grange friends!

By this reading one of our youth Grangers, Colin Sebastian, will be on his way to Korea where he will spend a year teaching English in a Korean school. What an awesome adventure. Meanwhile, his sister, Katrina, continues her singing and acting career in New York City and brother, Christopher loves George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Carly and Connor (their younger siblings) -- no telling what the two of you will accomplish! A very impressive and talented Grange family! When these young people are home in Sterling, they attend Grange meetings and functions! Meetings continue the first Mondays of every month at 7:30 p.m.--all are welcome to join the fun! March 11th: Corned Beef and Cabbage supper 5pm!


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