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February News from Riverton Grange

By Shirley Moore

  February 15, 2017 --

Feb. 3: Regular Meeting; Program: Agriculture Committee; Ref.: Theresa, Matt, Amanda & Rachel Freund

Mar. 3: Reg. Meeting; Program: Legislative Committee; Ref.: Bob O’Connor & Moe Gabelmann

We held our regular meeting on Dec. 16. After a short meeting, Lecturer Dawn Anstett arranged games to be played which included our members and guests. After the games, the flute choir from the Gilbert School presented several Christmas carols. Rachel Aiudi, a senior at Gilbert, organized a flute choir when she was a freshman and has been the choir’s leader since then. Rachel has been accepted at the University of Rochester, hoping to double major in biology and music. The five girls representing the choir, including Alexas LeMere (Bob O’Connor’s granddaughter), are eager to keep the choir in existence when Rachel is no longer with them.

These girls are to be commended for giving their time in providing wonderful music without the services of their band director.

After the musical program, secret snowperson distrtibuted numbers to all and those recipients could pick a gift in numerical order. After all was done, refreshments were served by Gail and Charlie and a wonderful evening was enjoyed by all.


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