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Youth News
This is the perfect time

By Donald Lanoue, State Youth Director

  MAY 2008 -- Hello everyone!

Just busy going along trying to finish a couple of projects for school and thought I would stop to write this Granger article. What a perfect time for the youth to be preparing their speeches for the public speaking contests or practicing a sign a song for the state contest in June.

This has been a great season to be putting your efforts together for the upcoming contests for the Northeast Youth Conference that will be held in July in Rhode Island. Need some help, feel free to contact me.  I will try my best to help you get started on the contest.

Ever thought that National Session was to far away to see?  Well it is right here in Connecticut. Come and see what the youth do at the Nationsl Session.  Come participate in the youth activity days. Maybe even make some new friends. If nothing else come and take the Seventh Degree. These are all avaliable for your to enjoy this November in Cromwell.
Grange Sunday will be in June and the youth will be  holding a lasagna dinner at noon.  Please come and enjoy the great dinner.


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