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From The Chaplain's Desk
May 2008 Chaplain's Corner

By Amy Whitcomb, State Chaplain

  MAY 2008 -- During this month of May we prepare to honor our Veterans and those now serving their country in the military.  All of us hope for the perfect peace in our world and in our lives.  In the stillness of prayer, we hold a vision of peace on earth and trust the Christ spirit to speak a new sense of peace in the hearts of people everywhere.  Peace can fill our minds, and we can send peaceful thoughts to family, neighbors and people in every corner of the world.
Thought by thought and prayer by prayer, we transform our world through prayer-filled images of peace and love.
Knowing that our thoughts make a difference, we hold thoughts of world peace as we pray each day.  When we prepare to leave the sacred stillness of prayer, our senses reawaken to our surroundings and the changes around us.  Amid all change is the consistency of the Christ, the unchanging Spirit that unites us in wisdom, peace and abundance.  Wherever we are we are one with the sustaining power of Christ.
I remind you of the chance to meet together on June 8th in Glastonbury for State Grange Sunday and again two weeks later on June 22 at the Cathedral of the Pines in Rindge, New Hampshire for New England Grange Sunday.  


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