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Junior Grange News: Notes from Ekonk Jr. Grange

By Michelle DeDomimicis, CT State Grange Junior Director

  AUGUST 11, 2016 --


Corr: Rebecca Gervais

In May, we gave a Sterling 5th grader, and her family a check for $916.00. This child has lost a leg, just above her knee from a rare form of cancer. We had a spaghetti supper and a plant sale, as well as some donations to raise this money.

In June we elected: Evelyn as President, Abbey as Vice President, Jenna as Chaplain, Casey as Program Director, Ariella as Steward, Kayla as Assistant Steward, Katelyn as Lady Assistant, Brianna as Tresurer, Lillian as Secretary, and Kaelyn as Greeter. Notice we have ALL GIRLS! One boy, so far has volunteered to be in charge of Family Activities! I am glad William was willing to step up!

In July we were saddened to hear about brother Charles Thurlow passing. We will remember him as a kind and generous man who always had a nice word for everyone, and who always supported us.

In July we also discovered that all of our seeds planted in our garden had been eaten, with one exception. It was replanted, but we aren’t too hopeful. We will need to figure out what to do next year so that we don’t have the same problem. If anyone has any suggestions, we’d love to hear them!

In August we are paying for Animal Experiences to come to our fair at 1 p.m. Dave is a great guy with MANY animals. Most of which we can hold and pet. Enjoy your summer!


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