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The Social Connection
Social Connection: It Was A Fun Evening ...

By Joanne Cipriano, CT State Grange Social Connection Director

  JULY 5, 2016 --

Our “Teamwork” evening is now history. If you didn’t attend I want you to know you missed a fun evening. Lots of delicious hot soups: chicken made by Barbara Robert, chili by Jodi Ann Cameron, tomato by Jane Miller and beef barley by yours truly. This, plus plates of sandwiches and dessert all made by volunteer Grangers.  Barbara and I would like to thank Marge Bernhardt, Eloise Osuch and Cindy and Ray Legg for helping us set up and everyone who helped with the clean-up.

Also special thanks to Todd Gelineau for printing the tickets. He has come up with all the clever designs for all our events. Also to MaryAlyce Lee for the favors and table decorations and Jody Cameron for being our score keeper.

We have received a few applications for the “Granger of the Year” Award and look forward to receiving many more.

Our next event will be “Around the World” We need volunteers to make some ethnic foods. Any takers. We don’t need these tomorrow but we like to plan early.

We hope you are enjoying the nice weather and look forward to meeting with you soon.


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