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Ekonk Juniors raise money for Juvenile Diabetes

By Sue Gray Ekonk Community Grange No. 89

  APRIL 2008 -- Thanks to the children who are members of Ekonk Community Grange, the National Juvenile Diabetes Foundation received a donation of $560 on March 8.  The children voted to support this project.  They have friends who attend Sterling Community School who have this disease and they wanted to help fund research efforts to eliminate it.  One Junior Granger also has juvenile diabetes, so this disease really is prominent to the children in the Junior Grange.
The children, supervised by Junior Leaders, Mike and Betsy Molodich, sold tickets and helped prepare the meal.  Other Juniors waited tables and assisted in clean-up efforts.
Mrs. Karen Roussel, of Sterling, gave a poignant testimony as a mother of young sons and how diabetes has impacted their lives and that of the entire family.  Mrs. Roussel accepted the check from Past Junior President, Brandi Hawkins.  Mrs. Roussel, a registered nurse, is a member of the National Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and annually takes part in the Providence (R.I.) Walk for Juvenile Diabetes.  The 2008 walk will be October 26th and she invited anyone to join in the amazing venture.
The Junior Grange also hired Riverside Reptiles and Brian brought a cockroach, tarantula, millipede, toad, salamander, rat snake and African Burmese python.  Everyone was enthralled with the hands on program.  Even the two year olds petted the different reptiles!
For more information on how you can help with Juvenile Diabetes or information on your children joining the Junior Grange, call Betsy at 564-1117.

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