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April is Grange Month

By Betsy Huber, National Grange President

  APRIL 1, 2016 --

It’s here!  That most wonderful month, April – Grange Month!  Time for us to celebrate the greatest organization, The National Grange of the Order of Patrons of Husbandry.  We have a proud history of supporting, educating, advocating, and sometimes fighting for rural Americans. 

This year we are recognizing 149 years of the Grange’s working for access for rural citizens.  Our history is all about access—to markets, to electricity, to telephone, to mail delivery service, to land grant research, and today to broadband service.   

We are promoting a big effort this year to expand broadband to all areas 

of the U.S. so rural residents can have equal access to business opportunity, medical care, and education.  When you plan your Grange Month Open House, consider inviting a speaker on broadband and inviting the public to learn about the possibilities it would open up for your region.  Speakers may be found from local government, emergency services, cable/internet providers, teachers, medical professionals, etc.  If broadband service is lacking in your area, provide a petition that attendees can sign to indicate their interest in bringing the service to them.  This issue may be one that will attract new members to your Grange to join the effort. 

The Grange has always been an advocate for access for rural America.  Let’s continue the fight this year and bring 21st century communication to all our citizens! 



Betsy E. Huber, Master, The National Grange

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