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Agriculture / Conservation News
Backyard gardens

By Janet Healey, State Agriculture Director

  MARCH 2008 -- To continue our articles on farming, many of us Grangers, if we are not commercial farmers, continue to have backyard gardens, either small or large.  We do it, perhaps, to have a small stand, to provide fresh product for our families, or to show at our local or Grange fair.
There is one such person, Morris Buck who is a Granger and member of Cheshire Grange, who has one of these rather large backyard gardens, about one and one half acres.  He grows the usual garden fare:  squash, lettuce, beans, corn, tomatoes etc. and a few flowers.  He has a 17' by 40' greenhouse in which he grows his plants from seed.  He is a rich resource in seed catalogs.
It used to be that he sold much of his produce either at the market or to another vendor.  But today he does not do this.  Instead, he grows for himself, gives it to family and friends, and feeds the local animal population, mainly the deer and woodchucks.  From what I can ascertain they do a very good job at his garden.  So for many of us, including Morris, gardening can be a recreation and a pleasure.
And now on to another topic.  This is March, the month of the Connecticut Agriculture Day at the State Capitol, that day when all agricultural and environmental groups show what they are doing to our state legislatures.  The date is Wednesday, March 19, and our committee plans to be there along with Gordon Gibson of the Legislative Committee.  We have a display board, and plan to give our pens and cookies.  We’ll let you know how it comes out next month.


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