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Membership News
Members are out there!

By Cindy Charbonneau, State Membership Committee

  MARCH 2008 --

Has your Grange brought in new members lately?  That’s a very important question to all of us.  Potential members are out there if you just try to find them.  Have your members ask their friends, family members or co-workers to join the Grange. 

To promote your Grange hold special events at your Granges open to the public such as a dinner dance, card party, an old movies night, a one day trip to see the foliage in the fall or another destination of your choosing, or something that would be of interest to the people in your city or town.  Have applications and information about the Grange available.   Invite them to an open Grange meeting so they can learn what the Grange is all about and to meet the present members.  Make them feel welcome and comfortable during the meeting.   Plan and have a Fun filled program that they can participate in.  

There are many other events you may think of that you can try to get in new members, don’t be afraid to try them.   Have a positive attitude about getting new members in and you’ll find it really works.
Our Grange recently brought in one new member and has just voted on 2 more applications with the possibility of 3 more coming in at our next meeting in March.  We are planning on holding a workshop later this month for people who want to raise potted vegetables in their homes because they don’t have garden space in their yards but would like to grow fresh vegetables and herbs.
Remember that working together will benefit your Grange.


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