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July News from Ekonk Community Junior Grange

By Rebecca Gervais

  JULY 11, 2015 --

Ekonk Junior has had a couple of busy months!   In May, we held our plant sale and made a profit of $295.00.  Thanks to LoPresti Greenhouses and Betsy’s Stand for helping make it a success.  We brought in new members: Tyler, Hailey, Kylie, Brady, and Ariella!  Welcome!!  We also had a float in the Sterling Memorial Day Parade.  Thanks to Ethan Jordan for, once again driving the tractor and pulling us on the hay wagon.  We tossed lollipops to the crowd.  Some of our “candy-toss-ers” were a bit enthusiastic in their candy tossing.  :)  Jenna’s grandfather, Jack led us on an interesting hike in Voluntown, around Green Falls.  We hiked part of the Narragansett trail Easterly to the Old Spool Mill and Peg Mill Brook.  It was amazing to see so much of the stonework still up.  Jack estimated that the Spool Mill was built in the mid-1800’s.  We hiked over whale’s back, a huge piece of ledge, and we saw a cave.  Very interesting hike, now we need to learn more about the spool mills.  --Does anyone know anything about them?   We also held the last of our sign-language classes.  We will resume sometime in the future.    -Phew, May was busy!

At our June meeting, we brought in two more new members: Lilly Bessette and Krista Kettle.  We also elected our new officers:  President -Evelyn Dexter, Vice President -Connor Sebastion, Program Director -Abbey Dexter, Steward Lilly Bessette, Assistant Steward -Brianna Gervais, Chaplain -, Treasurer -Casey Ferns, Secretary -Lillian Sharpe, Greeter -Ariella Bessette, Lady Assistant Steward -Kayla Bonin, Membership Chairman - , Family Activities Chairman - , and Community Service Chairman -Krista Kettle.  We planted our garden, hopefully we get rain for it to grow.  One of our new honorary members printed Ekonk Community Junior Grange on our shirts, so now when we go places we will all match.



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