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The Social Connection
Social Connection: Thank you to all!

By Joanne Cipriano, CT State Grange Social Connection Director

  JULY 10, 2015 --

Being prejudiced, I think everyone who attended our Fun Fair had a good time.  And from all reports the food was enjoyed.  Special thanks to Barbara Robert, Eloise Osuch, Jean Meehan for making the favors, Todd Gelineau for printing the tickets and Pat and Ron Fischer and Cindy and Ray Legg for coming early and helping with set-up.  There are so many others I could thank but it would fill a page in the paper and I would get into trouble because I skipped someone.

We thank the Granges who have sent us shoe boxes for our “Reach Out Project.”  We look forward to getting many more.

I am also checking my mailbox for “Granger of the Year” applications.  Every Grange should have someone they can nominate.

From this committee we wish you a very pleasant summer.


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