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Community Service News
Community Service: Many wonderful and exciting projects

By George & Sharon Russell, Comm. Service Co-Chairs

  JUNE 6, 2015 --

As we are this year’s Community Service Chairmen, we recently attended the Leadership Conference held in New Hampshire. There were many wonderful and exciting service projects that are being done throughout New England. Many of them were projects that can be completed with minimal effort especially if it’s something you enjoy. We encourage the granges around the state to contact us and let us know if you need ideas or help in setting up a project; we will be happy to assist in any way!

George and I are looking forward to receiving your Grange’s Community Service report. We sent out the report form back in December to the Secretaries. If you need a form; please contact us.

We received information from the National Grange Service Director: Samantha Johnson; she listed guidelines that are considered when the projects are being judged.

-Organization of the material presented

-Community projects in reference to size; one large scale project or multiple smaller scale projects.

-Participation of grange members as well as non-members.

-Publicity for the community service project(s) and/or the grange.


-Benefits to the local community.

It has also been discussed that the scrapbooks; although they are great to look through and are wonderful to have as an end product; they are not the only way a grange may present their service projects. This allows the granges to become creative with their presentation and let it reflect the grange they take pride in belonging to! 


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