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National Grange: Grange Month Proclamation

By National Grange - Grange Month Press Release, March 2015

  APRIL 4, 2015 --

Proclamation – April 2015 as Grange Month

“Grange Hands are joined together for Success”

WHEREAS for 148 years, the Grange has sought to advance the interest of farmers, rural Americans and our nation’s families through the simple, but powerful idea that “Community is the Foundation of Happiness” and

WHEREAS the service through educational efforts of the Grange and its members have aided innumerable people, both in and out of the Order, to reach their full potential as leaders, and

WHREAS the service of non-partisan legislative advocacy of the Grange through the unified efforts of its membership have immeasurably benefited local communities and our nation as a whole, and

WHEREAS the Grange increases the influence of each of its members by giving them the opportunity to serve their community through programs that make a difference in the lives of children, youth, and our neighbors in need of assistance, and

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that April 2015 be proclaimed at National Grange Month so that all Grange members may proudly exemplify our principles of service and commitment to our families, homes, farms, communities and nation both today and in the future.

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