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Agriculture / Conservation News
Coming in 2008

By Janet Healey, State Agriculture Director

  JANUARY 2008 -- Most of the members of the Agriculture Committee were present at the Pink Sash Meeting at Glastonbury in November.  We discussed what we could do during the upcoming year, and the first decision was to focus on small farms and farmers in our own organization, i.e. the Grange. 

Each member will be submitting an article about someone in their Grange or another Grange who is involved in this activity.  The other option will be to report on meetings that we have attended with information that would be pertinent to education of our membership. 

We are also asking you, as members, of the Grange to give us suggestions in carrying out this idea and additionally to be thinking about resolutions in the agricultural or conservation area that can be submitted at the next state session.  Remember we give a certificate for these.
In March we will be taking part in the Connecticut Agriculture Day at the State Capitol.  All members present are enthusiastic about being a part of this celebration.  Hoping you all had a Happy New Year celebration and have a good year.


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