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Membership News
Membership: Help our organization thrive

By Maggie Buck, Membership Committee

  MARCH 9, 2015 --

This membership article was written on a very cold night in February. Lots of us grangers have seen the weather stop our meetings and slow are plans down. But spring will be here soon and we must be ready to go out and get new members. Members  that can help our organization thrive. If your funds are low and your membership is small, its the perfect time to think about growing and trying something new. 

Find out what events are going to take place in your granges town. Will they let you put up a small booth and advertise the Grange? While you don’t need a lot of expensive props, you will need some type of conversation piece to attract people to your booth. Perhaps you have a member that has pet chickens or rabbits that will garner attention. Does someone do needlepoint that could be raffled off? Could a small number of grangers dress up in costumes and perform a skit? Do you have great bakers that could give out some type of small treats?  While you have people’s attention: tell them what a great organization the Grange is and that it needs their help to be even better.


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