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Junior Grange News
Juniors: Congratulations to the 2014 Contest Winners

By Michelle DeDominicis, CT State Grange Junior Director

  FEBRUARY 10, 2015 --

Happy 2015!

Time flies! It seems like we were just attending CT State session and the Dinosaur State Park with Connecticut Junior Grangers! And now we are starting to think about what we are going to accomplish in 2015! By the time you are reading this, I am pretty sure that most New Year’s resolutions have been broken – but any goals we have set for ourselves are still going strong.  One of my goals this year is to get the word out about 1+ Junior Grange Program that the National Junior Grange Director is promoting. What does this mean to our subordinate Granges? How can we welcome Juniors into our Granges so that they are not intimidated by what they experience – but that they are inspired to be part of the Grange family!  I look forward to the coming year and working with the new State Officers on what it means to be a1+ Junior Member of the subordinate granges.

Congratulations are in order! The following Junior Grange members were awarded the following at this past State Session:’

Creative Writing:

Age 5-7:  Brianna Gervais (1st)

Age 8-10:  Jared Gervais (1st), Casey Rose Ferns (2nd)

Age 11-14:  Kayla Michaud (1st), Angelina DeDominicis (2nd)

Creative Junior T-Shirt Contest:

Age 8-10:  Noella Burlette (1st), Victoria Tackett (2nd)

Age 11-14:  Angelina DeDominicis (1st), Kayla Michaud (2nd), Nevayah Moreno (3rd)

Flower Arrangement in Unusual Container:

Age 8-10:  Victoria Tackett (1st)

Age 11-14:  Kayla Michaud (1st), Angelina DeDominicis (2nd), Madison Tackett (3rd)

Photo Contests:

Zany Pets:  Angelina DeDominicis (1st), Kayla Michaud (2nd)

JG in Celebration:  Kayla Michaud (1st), Angelina DeDominicis (2nd)

Favorite Sport:  Angelina DeDominicis (1st)

Season of the Year:  Angelina DeDominicis (1st), Kayla Michaud (2nd)

JG – Act of Kindness:  Angelina DeDominicis (1st)

Thanks to all that participated – it was great to see all the entries on the tables at State Session – I hope more participate next year!

Have a great year!


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