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National Grange News
National Grange elects new slate of officers in Reno, NV
  DECEMBER 2007 -- The following is the list of officers of the National Grange, elected at the National Session this past November in Reno, Nevada:

Master -- Ed Luttrell (OR)
Overseer -- Jimmy Genrty (NC)
Lecturer -- Judy Sherrod (TN)
A. Steward -- Roger Bostwick (KS)
L.A. Steward -- Beth Merrill (NH)
Chaplain -- John West (NH)
Treasurer -- Joe Fryman (NE)
Secretary -- Henrietta Keller (IL)
Gatekeeper -- Chip Narvel (DE)
Ceres -- Nancy Swainston (MI)
Pomona -- Judy McCann (OH)
Flora -- Linda Chase (MA)
Exec. Comm. -- Marty Billquist (MT)
Exec. Comm. -- Betsy Huber (PA)
Exec. Comm. -- F. Philip Prelli (CT)
Exec. Comm. -- Pete Pompper (NJ)

High Priest of Demeter -- John Valentine (IN)
Priest Annalist -- Bruce Croucher (NY)
Priest Archon -- Dan Bascom (NH)
High Priest Emeritus -- Woodrow Tucker (RI)


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