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Community Service News
Community Service Winners Announced

By Jeff & Debbie Barnes, 2014 Community Service Co-chairpersons

  DECEMBER 5, 2014 --

The community Service awards were presented during the recent State Session.  From your reports we find that 406 Grange members, assisted by 409 members of the community preformed 73,623 hours of Community Service work this past year. With only half of our granges reporting, this number could easily be doubled.

We received reports from 22 Granges, all of whom are doing great works for their communities. We again divided your reports into two categories: Granges with membership of 50 and less, and those with a membership of 51 and over. 

All of you are winners! Our judges struggled to select the top 3 Granges in each category. They are as follows:

For Granges with membership of 50 and under;

3rd place Whigville # 48 “Made in Burlington Then and Now”

2nd place Oxford # 194 Small Business Fair and a six part gardening series for the public

1st Prospect # 144 Operation Cold Weather and honoring 108 teachers in their school district

For Granges with membership of 51 and over:

3rd place Bethlehem # 121 Seed potatoes and string bean seed for the Woodbury FFA, & Red, White and Blue clothes drive

2nd place Cheshire # 23 Re-cup program, box tops for education, and the ongoing “A Word from Home”

1st place Ekonk Community # 89 Turkey can-can 3.5 mile road race, Sterling Veterans’ Memorial, Sterling Family Day

In the Junior Grange category we have Ekonk Community Junior, 1st place.

The first place winner, the best in show, with 21,000 hours by 52 members and 802 hours by 197 community citizens and a continued presence in their town is Ekonk Community Grange.  Their notebook, 8-1/4 pounds, has been sent to National Grange for judging at Sandusky, Ohio.  Congratulations and good luck to them.


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