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The Social Connection
Social Connection: We enjoyed every minute

By Joanne Cipriano, Director, Social Connection Committee

  NOVEMBER 5, 2014 --

We hope our Appreciation Dinner held at Cheshire Grange on Saturday September 27th was enjoyable for everyone.  The attendance was not as good as we would have like it to be but everything else made for a friendly evening.

It started off with a delicious ham supper prepared by the members of Cheshire Grange.  Special thanks to Jane and Marge and their crew.

Our program started off with musical selection by Ron Fischer of Beacon Valley Grange and his friend Ray.  Followed by a pocket game by Barbara Robert.

Our honorees were:  Jodi Ann Cameron, Noel Miller, Todd Gelineau, and Carl Bernhardt.  We would like to have more but these are the replies we received.  We also presented a small token of appreciation to those who attended all our events.  There were 21 of them.  We thank them for their support.

At State Session we presented “Granger of the Year” Awards to Link Cooper of Ekonk Grange and Anna Duval of Killingly Grange.  It is amazing how much these Grangers do for their Grange.  Each Grange has that certain someone who makes their meeting a little bit more enjoyable. We thank you for all you do.  We also collected white socks for the military.

Barbara, Betty Jane and I thank you most sincerely for making our job so enjoyable.  We enjoyed every minute.


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