Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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Agriculture / Conservation News
Enter Your Ornamental Corn Decorations

By Janet Healy, Agriculture Director

  OCTOBER 2007 -- The year has flown by, and it is time for the contests of the committee to be brought to a close.  We want to thank all who made suggestions for our Farmer of the Year Award.  By the time this article is printed, the choice will have been made.  But it will not be too late for anyone to enter our annual contest:  Ornamental Corn Decoration.  There will be both a senior and junior division.  All entries must be at the State Session by noon on Thursday, October 18 for judging.  (See the Blue Book for rules, etc.)
The Agriculture Committee has met with the Legislative Committee and work is being done on resolutions to be presented at the annual session.  Bob Charbonneau attended the Regional Legislative meeting in New Hampshire where they worked on a resolution concerning an animal identification system.  We also will be looking for other agriculture related resolutions from other individuals for the purpose of awarding certificates as stated in the blue book.
See you at the State Session in October.


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