Tuesday, June 06, 2023
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Agriculture / Conservation News
Agriculture: Any veggie goes!

By Jon Russell, State Agriculture Director

  APRIL 5, 2014 --

This year, the committee would like to show the open-mindedness of agriculture by changing the food donation contest to allow you to grow any vegetable you choose. We want to be able to get a lot of people to participate in this contest.

In the last few years we have specified that people grow a single variety. We have concluded that this is too restrictive, and the food banks that we are supporting are only getting a lot of one thing. Ironically, monocultures have contributed to mass famines throughout our history, so we think giving all our participants the ability to grow what they want is also supporting diversified agriculture. We have a very high expectation for participation in this program, we have set a goal for 10,000 pounds of produce donated. We really think that the Grangers can make this happen.  Subsequently we want to divert our attention to this program we are officially disbanding the pumpkin decorating contest so that Grangers can focus on growing food to be donated. Thank you all for your help.


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