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From The Chaplain's Desk
March 2007 Chaplain's Corner

By Marvin Wilbur, State Chaplain

  MARCH 2007 -- Do you ever get frustrated? That’s where I am right now. Our VCR gave out so we purchased a new one. It turns out this records and plays on VCR tapes and DVDs. There are so many wires behind the TV it is scary. 

To make matters worse (or maybe better) we decided to get a different television, so the connections had to be again. The delivery men that brought the TV did not know how to connect the VCR. With the new TV we had to have the cable company come out and put in a new cable box. He connected the VCR to the new cable box and television. But guess what? I cannot make the blooming thing work! I have no expertise in this field at all. Oh well, I guess we’ll survive.
Sometimes that is how it is in life. Problems and difficulties arise that we cannot handle or solve on our own and we get frustrated. I have learned there are always thing happening that frustrate us—even make us angry. It is then that we have to take a few moments and collect our thoughts. We have to calm down and relax. Things may be very bad, but we read in the Holy Book that all things will pass. There is a time for everything we read in Ecclesiastes so now is my time to be frustrated. But this too will pass.
I would like you to do something with me. Think about the time when you were most discouraged or upset and you thought your world was coming to an end. What did you do? Many of us realize at times like these that we cannot do anything. We just have to let the Maker of the Universe deal the cards to us and we have to play the hand we get. It may not be what we do best, but there is no other choice.

Many of us like to be in control and know what is happening, and why, and how we can be in control. Many times this is not the answer. If you have been in circumstances like this, you will probably realize that during these times is the time that you have grown in ways you could never have imagined. I think our Maker uses times like this to give us a wake up call. He likes to let us know that we are not in charge and never will. He must have a terrific sense of humor.
The important thing to remember is that there is someone we can depend upon to help. We just have to ask. Our Lord has promised that nothing will come to us that together, He and us, cannot handle. The outcome may not come as quickly as we would like or may not even be the result we want. But you know what? He sees the bigger picture. He knows what we need. For me, that means I will have to ask someone to come to help me out with all the cables and buttons. Only you know what it means for you.
Now, a personal request—if any of you know of anyone who should get a card from me, please let me know. If I do not know about it, no card will be sent and then someone will be upset, and who could blame them. Thanks for your help.


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