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National Grange comments on FCC discussion on broadband

By Hayley Tonner, National Grange Communications Fellow (Grange Monthly Newsletter 1/31/14)

  FEBRUARY 9, 2014 --

The National Grange has long supported efforts to deploy broadband Internet into our members’ communities, many of them in rural areas and small towns, and recently issued comment in support of the recent FCC move to establish geographic trials for broadband expansion.

On Jan. 30, National Grange Legislative Director Grange Boatright said, “We are pleased to see that the FCC took an important step in the right direction by moving forward with geographic trials necessary for the smooth transition of our country’s legacy communications system to an all-IP infrastructure, of which we filed in support a year ago.”

“In addition, it is good news to see the FCC move forward with separate experiments focused on the deployment of high-speed broadband to rural America.  We are looking forward to learning more about the details of this effort,” Boatright said. “Deploying new technologies and expanding broadband access across rural communities will benefit the nation as a whole, and The National Grange is looking forward to continuing to participate in the discussion around these trials.”

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