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Greetings from the National Lecturers Department

By Jim Tetreault, National Grange Lecturer (Grange Monthly Newsletter, 1/31/14)

  FEBRUARY 12, 2014 --

Greetings from the National Lecturers Department!

I was pleased to have been elected your National Grange Lecturer at the National Grange session recently held in Manchester, N.H., back in November.

I thought this column would be a great opportunity to introduce myself and share my Grange resume with all of you. I became Master of the New Hampshire State Grange in October of 2010 and will serve in that capacity until October of 2014.

I have served in the following leadership roles in the New Hampshire State Grange: four years as Youth Director, 12 years as Legislative Director and two years as State Grange Lecturer. I have also served as Assistant Steward, Steward and Overseer.

The big question from the National level right down to the Subordinate and Pomona Granges is what is the roll of the Lecturer in the modern day Grange?

My personal view of the roll of the Lecturer today has changed since I was a Subordinate and Pomona Lecturer in my teens and 20s.

Today I believe that the Lecturer of every Grange across the country has an opportunity to impact their community by presenting educational programs that will bring people into our meeting locations these informative and educational programs also has an opportunity to help grow our membership. We also need to move beyond the traditional programming that for so long has been a staple of Grange literary programs.  Don’t hesitate to use technology to educate and stimulate our members, programs should be fun as well as educational.

I would like to make an appeal to all of the State Lecturers across the country, please send me copies of your State Grange programs, I would like to review what types of programs that our State Granges are providing.

The 2014 quilt block pattern has been sent out to the State Lecturers, Lecturers please share this with whoever handles this in your State Grange.

Please feel free to contact me via email at lecturer@nationalgrange.org if I can do anything to assist you.

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