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Updated Grange Herd List
  JANUARY 16, 2014 --

Each Grange State, along with each National Grange department, now have mascots.  This project was introduced at the 147th National Grange Convention held in November in New Hampshire.  Together, all of the mascots form the Grange Herd.  Each Herd member has their own Facebook page, including a page for the Herd itself at: www.facebook.com/GrangeHerd

The list is as follows -- 

Alaska - Murray the Seal

Alabama - Abe the Hare

Arkansas - Lily the Barn Owl

California - Tucker the Yorkie

Colorado - Claudia the Skunk

Connecticut - Hank the Burro

D.C. - Clark the Eagle

Delaware - Eve the Fox

Florida - Otis the Armadillo

Georgia - Becka the Border Collie

Idaho - Ernie the Mountain Goat

Illinois - Ace the Deer

Indiana - Faye the Ferret

Iowa - April the Pig

Kansas -  Dusty the Bull

Louisana - Dalia the Alligator

Maine - Jefferson the Moose

Maryland - Skip the Horse

Massachusetts - Isaac the Owl

Michigan - Chuck the Badger

Minnesota - Wendy the Wolf

Montana - Bruce the Buffalo

Nebraska - Bert the Baby Goat

Nevada -  Moe the Tortoise

New Hampshire - Noel the Hamster

New Jersey - Sal the Chipmunk

New York - Grant the Beaver

North Carolina - Macy the Raccoon

Ohio - Wade the Mallard

Oklahoma - Penelope the Prairie Dog

Oregon - Hannah the Black Bear

Pennsylvania - Ralph the Groundhog

Rhode Island - Allie the Llama

South Carolina - Liz the Hedgehog

Tennessee - Jolene the Possum

Texas - Lou the Longhorn

Vermont - Gabriella the Lamb

Washington - Pierce the Elk

West Virginia - Sid the Squirrel

Wisconsin - Beatrice the Cow

Virginia - Scarlett the Cat

Wyoming - Frederick the Brown Horse


YOUTH - Freeda the Mouse

MEMBERSHIP - Lucy the Cattledog

LEGISLATIVE - June the Hog

JUNIOR - Sadie the Springer Spaniel

PRESIDENT - Kimber the Coyote

HIGH PRIEST - Rex the T-Rex

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