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CT Granger: Better late than, well....

By Todd Gelineau, CT Granger Editor

  DECEMBER 8, 2013 --

While receiving the November issue of the Connecticut Granger is not really unusual for most of us, it certainly was for Phyllis Maynes of Meriden Grange.  Sister Phyllis FINALLY received the November 2008 issue of the Granger with the special pull-out section for the National Convention held in Cromwell, Connecticut.  Hopefully she didn’t head over to the Bushnell for the Seventh Degree on Nov. 16! 

It is ironic that this copy of the Granger reached its destination 5 years to the day of the last time National Grange met in the Northeast Region!  Don’t you wish you could hear the stories that copy of the Granger could tell?

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