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Grange radio is on the air!

By National Grange Press Release (11/2013)

  NOVEMBER 15, 2013 --

On Sunday, Nov. 10 at the 147th National Grange Convention welcome reception we premiered the new and exciting project known as Grange Radio. Grange Radio is an online radio station that celebrates and invests in the community through innovative and compelling radio programing by targeting a changing dynamic Grange population. At the same time Grange Radio will cater to the values of the National Grange community and appeal to non-member interest while growing Grange membership through loyal listenership.

The programing for the radio will include music from all different genres, though right now it is primarily playing classic rock and country music 24 hours a day. Mixed in with the music will be segments about interesting Grange and Agriculture related topics that are not only important to know but entertaining as well. The aim is to present a product that is entertaining to Grangers and to build a product that accurately portrays the grange as an organization. People who aren’t Grange members will also find Grange Radio entertaining and hopefully informational as well.

All throughout the Convention we will be interviewing individuals for podcasts that we will be able to stream online at our website www.grangeradio.org.  We want to make the radio station our own, and it is important for us to include real voices of real grangers on the station and to involve as many people as possible. Check out Grange Radio today!

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