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Junior Grange News
Contest Time Is Coming Soon!

By Joan Perry, Junior Director

  MAY 2007 -- My goodness, May already.  Time just seems to be flying by. 

I hope that we will have some entries into the Talent Contest on June 10th.  Also that day, judging will be held for the Regional Contest for the Picture Frame. 

The next contest to be judged will be the CWA contest on August 25th.  The theme will be Musical Chairs.  The idea is to make a chair out of anything such as Popsicle sticks, twigs, or even draw a picture of a chair, or  the other idea is to do something associated with music.  This can be a picture using musical notes or a craft using music as a theme.  Don’t just limit your ideas to what I suggested, use your imagination. 

Also the CWA baking contest will be judged on Celebration Day at Goodwill Grange in Glastonbury.  This is an easy contest because all that you have to do is make your favorite cookie and put 3 cookies on a paper plate labeled with your name and grange.  One more contest for that day will be Nifty Needles.  For this use your imagination and make a Christmas Something. 

Entries should be at Goodwill Grange for 10 A.M. because judging will begin at 11A.M.  If you need to have your entries transported, please contact me and I will be sure to get them there.  


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