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Deputies' Corner
Deputy Corner: State Session Information

By Todd Gelineau, General Deputy

  OCTOBER 5, 2013 --

The State Master has raved over the new hotel for State Session this year and rightly so!  It’s a beautiful facility which is well suited for our needs and will be greatly appreciated by the Deputy Team.  The ballroom is at least 30% larger than the East Hartford hotel making it possible to set up the room with the stage/court on Thursday and leave the room in that configuration for the duration of the Convention. The only significant changes will come on Friday evening when the officer’s stations must be removed for the conferral of the Sixth Degree.

The Deputies will meet on Friday morning, prior to the open of the Session and will receive the information for the upcoming Grange year.  Only minor changes have been made to the inspections of both Pomonas and Community Granges.  The Deputy Challenge will also be continuing for 2014 with only minor changes.

A new Grange year begins for most of our Granges with the change of the calendar to October.  That means it is also time to start working on Executive Committee Reports for the 2013 Grange year.  If your Grange year ended on September 30, your Executive Committee Report is due to be field with the GENERAL DEPUTY by December 31.  These reports are due 90 days after the close of your books for the year.  So, this also means that Granges whose books close on December 31 are required to file their reports by March 31.  There are still some Granges sending in reports to the State Secretary or are holding on to them until inspection night in the spring.  Secretaries are asked to have a copy available for the Deputy on the night of inspection to enable the Deputy to compare the information reported on the E.C. report with the books of the Treasurer and Secretary.  It is not considered properly filed by handing a copy to the deputy on the night of inspection.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you just can’t figure out why it will not balance or if you have any other questions about Grange work.  We’re not just here to inspect your Grange we are here to help your Grange succeed in any way that we can.


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