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Agriculture / Conservation News
Ag: Feed your garden and the hungry

By Maggie Buck, CT State Grange Ag. Committee

  OCTOBER 5, 2013 --

The fall is upon us and the gardening year will be ending soon. Before you put your garden to bed for the winter please consider two things. The leftover unused vegetables in your garden may not be what you want to eat at this point, especially if you have had an abundant crop of one or two vegetables, but they are very useful to the soup kitchens and some food pantries that accept vegetables. So please consider feeding the hungry with anything left in your garden that is usable. Also remember that the fall is the best time to feed your garden. A good cleaning and a round of added nutrients will help your garden give you an even better crop next year.

The CSG Agricultural Committee will be attending state session and will be giving out our awards and our reports. We also will be putting out sign up sheets for the grange members to help us pick out a signature crop for next year’s gardens.


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