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Membership News
Membership Growth... the work starts with each one of us!

By Joanne Cipriano, Membership Director

  JUNE 2007 -- An unofficial count of 78 attended the Membership seminar conducted by Ed Luttrell of Eagle Creek, Oregon, Leadership Membership Director of the National Grange.  
An e-mail from Barbara Kulisch from Old Lyme Grange summed up the thoughts of many.  She wrote  “I just wanted to say that I felt that Ed was  one of the better speakers on membership from National. He surely got us all involved and I walked away feeling that we aren’t as bad off as we felt, yet there is still much work to be done on getting more members.  It starts with ourselves.”
Barbara hit it just right.  Ideas can be planted, but the task as putting these ideas to work is ours.
Mr. Luttrell said we had 11 Grangers with a membership net gain in 2006.  These Grangers are: Beacon No. 118, Bethlehem No. 121 , Brooklyn No. 43, Enfield No. 151, Eureka No. 62, Granby No. 5, Harmony No. 92, Old Lyme No. 162, Taghhannuck No. 100, Totoket No 83 and  Tunxis No. 13.  Is your Grange on this list?  Will your Grange be on the 2007 list??
Thanks to East Central Pomona for the use of their hall and to everyone  who came, those who “volunteered”   to bring refreshments and those who  helped with the set up and clean up.  Your help was sincerely appreciated.   


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