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The Social Connection
Social Connection: Christmas coming September 21st

By Joanne Cipriano, Social Connection Director

  SEPTEMBER 5, 2013 --

As I type this to send to Todd, we have 46 days to Christmas. That is... the Social Connection’s Christmas Party.  As you read this there are only a few days.  The Committee has all the favors, gifts, program, prizes, and paper goods etc. ready to go.  The only thing we need are a few to volunteer to bring some finger foods for refreshments.  Please let Barbara, Betty Jane or me know if you will help us.  In case you forgot, the date is Saturday– September 21st at the Prospect Senior Center.  We have too many business meetings, now it’s time for some fun.

On a different note, we are still waiting for applications for the “Granger of the Year” Award.  Deadline is September 21st.  Mail it or bring it to the party.

We expect to have a representative from the Connecticut Food Bank at the Banquet on Saturday.  We would like to have a grocery cart full for her to bring home.  Your help will be appreciated.


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