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Agriculture / Conservation News
Sowing seeds

By Janet Healy, Agriculture Committee Director

  JUNE 2007 -- The seeds for the Agriculture Committee contest have been distributed to each Pomona and should be in the hands of your individual Granges soon.  The time for planting is fast approaching.  We believe you will probably have to plant more than one hill with a few seeds in each for pollination.  We have Bob Charbonneau to thank for the processing of the seeds.
As you proceed with this project, keep asking about each individual’s progress and try to be creative in your entries.  The question has been asked if a person may enter in another Pomona.  The answer is yes, but you may enter only in one Pomona.  The question also arose as to Judges.  When choosing judges, try to use one that is as independent as possible.  so much for the contest.
The subject for this month is about transferring your farm family’s farms from one generation or owner to another.  This, by the way, does not just apply to farmers, but can apply to each of us.  This process requires much thought and planning.  It is a complex process and affects many facets of our society as neighbors, land trusts, community development, etc.
Information for help in this area may be found on the internet at wwwfarmtransfernewengland.org.  I looked up the site and there is much information on this subject available from several sources.  It is the vehicle of the Farm Transfer Network of New England.  For those who do not have internet access, the following telephone will put you in contact with them, (608) 357-1600 or (413) 323-9878.  They offer workbooks, checklists, guides, fact sheets, and other links as professionals in related fields and publications.  They also offer workshops and meetings.
As a further part of this subject, there is a brochure available from the Connecticut Department of Agriculture called “Connecting Farms & Farmers to Keep Connecticut Growing.”
I missed noting in my last article that Morris Buck of Cheshire was also at the Connecticut Ag Day at the State Capitol in March.  Sorry, Morris!


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