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Photo journalism

By Carl Bernhardt, State Publicity Committee Chairman

  JUNE 2007 -- Turn the page of a newspaper.  What is the first thing that catches your eye.  Was it a picture?  Chances are pretty good it was.  It you want to get people to read your Grange's news, try to include a photo to supplement your news submission.  This is a way that you can spread the word of our Community Service work.
Hometown newspapers get people to buy papers by featuring the activities of their readers.  The papers go to schools and take pictures of whole classes dressed like Pilgrims.  Parents then buy extra papers to send to Grandparents.  A photographer takes a picture of the Mayor presenting an award to a popular citizen.  It is human interest.  It sells papers.  One Grange spends $250 for supplies and more than a thousand hours making Christmas Stocking for needy children and stuffs them with presents.  They are delivered to the home or hospital where they will be used.  The children are happy.  The Grangers feel a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment knowing they have made others happy.  Was there a photographer present from the local paper?  What about when the presents were opened?  This type of thing is not only a worthwhile project but human interest.  It is the kind of thing that sells newspapers.  Can’t get their photographer to come?  Isn’t there someone in your Grange who takes pictures? 

If you have someone who is willing to assist you with pictures for the papers but doesn’t know how to get started, please get in touch with us.  We’ll be glad to help.
Pictures sell papers.  But, let’s remember these companies do not make their money directly through sales.  The numbers are important.  The more papers they sell, the more advertising they can sell.  This is where the money is.  It you want better coverage of your Fair or other event, don’t forget to buy some space.  We can’t expect everything free.  It is a two-way street.  We help them — they help us.


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