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An event at the "Simply Antiques" Festival...

By Debbie Barnes

  August 9, 2013 --

The 5th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry, Company E will be a big part of our Festival. This group is part of the North - South Skirmish Association (N-SSA) which was formed to commemorate the heroism of the men on both sides in the Civil War. The original 5th CVI was recruited during 1861 from throughout the state. The 5th CVI fought in the first two years of the war as a unit of the Army of the Potomac. After Gettysburg the 5th CVI was assigned to the Army of the Cumberland and later served under General Sherman on his infamous "March to the Sea." The 5th mustered out of service in July of 1865. The new 5th CVI has been a proud member of the North - South Skirmish Association since 1973.

The re-enactors of the 5th CVI will set up an officer's "A" tent with all his sundries and then a couple of  "dog" tents which the enlisted men used. This shows the difference in the way each lived in the field. There will be examples of what they ate, both in the field and in camp. A "cold" fire ring with cooking gear will be part of the exhibit. As well as a range of weapons And non-explosive examples of cartridges the unit would carry into battle. They plan to put on a Demonstration of shooting using blanks. For info go to the N-SSA website and follow the links To NE and 5th CT.

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