Saturday, February 22, 2020
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The Social Connection
Social Connection: Looking for Ideas

By Joanne Cipriano

  AUGUST 5, 2013 --

Our committee has been trying to come up with ideas for our program next year.  If you have something unique that you would like to share with us it will be appreciated.  We need one for the spring and the fall.

Don’t like being a Polly Parrot but we do need some help with refreshment for our Christmas party on September 21st.  You can let any of the members of our committee know – Barbara – Betty Jane of me.  Everything else is ready to party.

To assist the Connecticut Food Bank and to go along with our monetary donation, we will have a food collection at the State Session.  I know everyone has a lot to carry; but, if you could add just a can or box of something it would be appreciated.


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