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Public Relations News
Why have publicity?

By Carl Bernhardt, State Publicity Committee Director

  JULY/AUGUST 2007 -- Why indeed!  If no one knows who you are or what you are doing they certainly are not going to be interested in you.
Publicity is free advertising.  We must make every effort to put ourselves before the public in a positive way every chance we get.  We cannot hope to increase our membership if no one knows anything about us.  Word of mouth is still the best medium of promoting Grange.  Pictures and articles in your local papers tell others what we are doing and what a great organization we have.
Each advertisement of a car shown on TV promotes special positive features of that particular brand.  Why not promote the special positive features of your particular Grange?  Tell everyone about it.  Why do you like it?  What do you do there?  Brag about it.
Why not call another Grange member and ask him or her to come to your next meeting?  Why haven’t they been coming on a regular basis?  Tell them what a good time you had.  If the next meeting is going to be something special get on the phone and call several members to be sure they plan to attend.  It takes just a little interest from the active members to get the inactive ones to come back.


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