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Grange happy with Army Corps of Engineers’ scope of review response

By National Grange Press Release (6/19/13)

  JUNE 22, 2013 --

The National Grange issued a statement saying it was enthusiastic about the testimony from  Jennifer A. Moyer, Acting Chief of the Regulatory Program for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, in which she reaffirmed the Corps’ position that no regulatory basis exists for area-wide or programmatic review of export terminals in the Pacific Northwest.

Grace Boatright, Legislative Director at The National Grange, responding to testimony from Moyer said, ”The National Grange stands in strong support of the Corps’ decision to maintain appropriate focus in its review of the export projects under consideration in the Pacific Northwest. This decision, which provides a procedural boost to the long-running review of these projects, serves to further open the door to infrastructure improvements in the Northwest that would greatly benefit the region’s vital agricultural sector.”

Boatright said the Grange was particularly supportive because of the positive economic impact the purpose-built port may bring to farmers.

“Efficiency is vital to cost-effective export – whether the commodity to be exported is coal, corn, or cattle. The approval of a purpose-built port in the Pacific Northwest would be of significant value to farmers as they seek to move their crops and livestock from the fields and pastures to their intended export markets in Asia,” Boatright said. ”Construction of these ports would vastly expand the region’s capacity to handle agricultural products, opening new doors and spurring new investment that will benefit all industries using the ports.”

Boatright said the Grange now looks forward to the next phases of the process.

“We are pleased that the Corps of Engineers has made clear the intended scope of their review, and eagerly await the approval and ultimate construction of this vital infrastructure expansion.”

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