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Membership News
Summer Time and the Living Is Easy

By Marion Bradley, State Membership Committee Member

  JULY/AUGUST 2007 --

Summer Time and the living is  easy.  So goes the song. Summertime is often the time that Granges have picnics for their members. Your grange picnic could be a good time to invite possible members to be you guests and to get acquainted.  Then after the picnic follow up with an invitation to attend a meeting  or two and / or to join your grange.    
Don’t be modest about your accomplishments. When you have  made donations to worthy causes, awarded a scholarship, honored a non grange member as “Citizen  of the Year”, be sure to give it good coverage in the local newspapers. If there is a public event where your grange can set up a table and   distribute information about your  grange, do it. They won’t all work but your group will be better known and have better odds for getting new members.       

In  closing, I must add my praise for the presentation by Ed Lutrell. It was impressive and valid. Totoket Grange’s  July Lecturer’s program will deal with the points he raised  and deciding which ones would work best for us. Just so you know that we practice what I’m preaching, Totoket Grange will have a table at the Park and Rec’s August “Potato Festival.”  

May your summer be a good one and your membership grow.


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