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From The Chaplain's Desk
July/August 2007 Chaplain's Corner

By Robert Brockett, Interim State Chaplain

  JULY/AUGUST 2007 -- As I think about the Summer season when we have an abundance of produce and as the song says “Summer time, and the living is easy”,  I am aware of God’s great gifts to us.   In the less productive area, I was made aware of the reductions that Granby Grange was having in the number of fair exhibitors when the Granby Master asked me to see what could be done to increase the local 4-H member participation in our Agricultural  Fair. I hit upon the idea of having 4-Hers participate by providing each of those entering with two tomato plants and asking them make tomato entries for Granby Grange Fair. A special class has been set up for the youth clubs who are participating in this contest so they will have their own group judging and not be subject to competition from other producers. 

I should explain that Granby has a very unique 4-H situation in that the  Granby 4-H has for years had a monthly meeting at the Grange Hall with a business meeting and general educational program for the 4-H members. In Granby the individual 4-H project meetings are held by project leaders at other times and some are still held in the Grange Hall Basement with the smaller groups. This program has been so popular with Granby children that they have outgrown the Grange Hall and are now meeting in a local School cafeteria.
While this project is a simple use of the easily produced tomato, I hope  that it will give some children as chance to see their own tomatoes grow and they will take advantage of the abundance that God provides so that they may enjoy and appreciate the wonders God has provided. May you also thank God for the abundance provided during the Summer time.


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