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Deputies' Corner
Deputy Corner: Inspection Season Coming to a Close

By Todd Gelineau, General Deputy

  JUNE 3, 2013 --

Inspection season is rapidly drawing to a close and all of the deputies join me in thanking the various Granges for their hospitality and cooperation in completing the inspections for 2013.

At the risk of sounding like a skipping CD (modern version of a broken record!), there still seems to be question about the proper way to recognize dignitaries and call for Suggestions at the close of the meeting.

The complete procedure is outlined and explained in the new “Master’s Handbook” distributed to the Masters of all Community and Pomona Granges at the Schools of Instruction this winter/spring.

On inspection nights, the inspecting Deputy (or officer if the person inspecting is not a Deputy) outranks all others in attendance at the meeting, including the State Master and should be recognized first.  The choice of whether to escort the guest or not is up to the Master (and sometimes depends on available space to seat the guest(s) at the Master’s station).  Please review the Master’s Handbook for the order in which to recognize guests.

When calling on guests for Suggestions for the Good of the Order, this is entirely up to the Master.  It is recommended to call on any guests who were escorted to the Master’s Station, including the spouse, regardless of whether or not they hold an office.  

Master’s who did not receive a copy of the Master’s Handbook should contact me.  Additional copies of the handbook are available to any member at a cost of $5 and can obtain them by contacting me (860) 626-0326 or the State Secretary at the Central Office (860) 633-7550.


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