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Deputies' Corner
Inspection notes

By Todd Gelineau, General Deputy

  MAY 3, 2013 --

We may not have made it clear in previous communications but the Deputies are on an expanded inspection schedule.  That means they have the flexibility to inspect Granges anytime during the year up to July.  In the past, Inspections were traditionally carried out on Degree nights during the spring and over the years Granges have become accustomed to carrying over those dates as “inspection night” regardless of whether or not they are conferring degrees.

I have received calls from Granges asking why they are not being inspected on the date they have printed in their handbooks.  While the Deputies make every effort to schedule inspections on nights that are most convenient for both the Grange and the Deputy, this is not always possible and the expanded schedule gives Deputies “breathing room” between inspections.  Please let your Deputy know as early as you can each year if you have a preferred date and they will make every effort to accommodate your request.

Some Granges are also still in the mindset that Inspections are a “final exam” of sorts on Grange work.  This is certainly not true.  In fact, we are not using a number based scoring system for this reason.  Inspections do evaluate Granges, the committees and officers and offer suggestions for improvement and encouragement when things are done well.  The inspection reports are also used by us to decide what types of programs and instruction need to be offered to the Community and Pomona Granges.  The current School of Instruction format is an outgrowth of observations made during inspections.  We should always “strive to do well” and the inspection process is one way to do just that.

NEW REQUIREMENT:  Beginning with the 2013 Executive Committee Report (filed by Dec. 31 or March 31, depending on your schedule), all Granges (Community and Pomona) will be required to file a copy of their Steward’s Inventory Report with the General Deputy when filing the E.C. Report.  This is a report that all Granges are already required to have on file (especially on the night of inspection) so the only change is the additional requirement to file a copy with the State Grange.

Please feel free to contact me or your Deputy if you have any questions.


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