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Deputies' Corner
New Deputy appointed

By Todd A. Gelineau, General Deputy

  APRIL 3, 2013 --

We are both pleased and excited to announce that Excelsior Pomona No. 7 has a new Deputy!  Brother Ronald Fischer of Beacon Valley Grange No. 103 has agreed to “give it a try" as he joins the Deputy Team. Ron currently serves as Overseer of Beacon Valley and Treasurer of Excelsior Pomona.  He assumes the Deputy post vacated by Sister Eloise Osuch when she was elected Lady Assistant Steward of the State Grange in October.  He was presented with his sash by the State Master and General Deputy at the March 20 meeting of Excelsior Pomona in Bethlehem.

It wouldn't be fair to Ron to throw him right into Inspection season, so the Granges in Excelsior have been officially assigned to other Deputies for this year and he will shadow the Deputies on as many of these inspections as possible.

The assignments:

Beacon Valley - General Deputy

Bethlehem - Deputy Piacentini

Bridgewater - General Deputy

Oxford - General Deputy

Prospect - General Deputy

Watertown - General Deputy

Wolcott - Deputy Piacentini

It's been a difficult School of Instruction season with many re-scheduled dates and adjustments having to be made.  We thank all Granges and Grangers for their cooperation and hospitality.

We posted a brief note in the last issue regarding the availability of the new 2013 Subordinate Manuals.  We strongly encourage all Granges to purchase at least one manual (or as many as possible) to replace the 1999 (or earlier) Manuals.  While there are no substantial changes to the opening and closing procedures, the new Manual incorporates all of the various ceremonies that were previously printed in separate booklets (i.e. Welcome Ceremony, Obligation Ceremony, Alternate Opening & Closing, Alternate Installation, etc.).  They are available from the National Grange Store online at www.NationalGrange.org or by calling the Headquarters.  The cost is $10.00 per book.  You can also contact the State Secretary at the Central Office to order them through the State Grange.


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