Saturday, February 22, 2020
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The Social Connection
The best laid plans...

By Joanne Cipriano, Social Connection Director

  MARCH 3, 2013 --

We’ve all heard the expression “the best laid plans of mice and men”.

For our committee that refers to our spring activity to have an antique road show.  We have been unable to come up with a good date so we are putting it on hold for a while.

Plans to hold our second state-wide tag sale are in place.  The date Saturday - April 27th.  The time is up to each Pomona.  We hope we have the same kind of co-operation we had last year.  Everyone really came through.

As I write this column, we have 237 days and counting to our Christmas Party.  The date Saturday - September 21st.  We hope you will put it on the calendar and plan to attend.  We are not trusting the weatherman, so we are having our party early.  It will be a fun evening with food, presents, favors, a visit from Santa Claus, Christmas activiteis and more.

We are planning to have finger foods for refreshment and a country store to pay for the use of the hall.  We have plenty of time but we need donations of items for both.

Please plan to attend.


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