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California Grange member named new National Junior Director

By Amanda Leigh Brozana, The New Grange Newsletter (1/18/13)

  JANUARY 30, 2013 --

Lillian Booth, of Paradise, Calif., was recently named the new National Junior Grange Development Director.

The announcement, made by National Grange President Ed Luttrell on Jan. 4, comes with a renewed focus on leadership development and resources for Junior Grange directors and further program development for the Junior Grange.

“I will definitely be working to create and provide guidance for Junior Directors that will help them work with the kids and develop their leadership potential,” Booth said.

Juniors, boys or girls ages 5 through 14, complete activities and challenges that teach life skills, civic engagement, leadership, good stewardship and community service, public speaking, good moral values, and much more. These children can also compete in local, state and national-level competitions related to public speaking, creative arts, and more.

Booth said she believes Junior Grange can play an essential role in the lives of young children today, just as it did when she joined in 1966.

“The kids coming up now have always had the ability to have instant information and being connected, but at the same time, they want something solid, tradition, and structure,” Boot said.

Booth, who is a current member of Paradise Grange No. 490, and the wife of past California State Grange President Bill Booth, previously held positions as California State Lady Assistant Steward, Musician, Secretary and youth director.

Booth said her experience as a National Delegate from 1989-93 while her husband was State President, and as a state officer and director herself, have prepared her well for the new job as Junior Director.

From Junior Grange, Booth said, we learn the most basic principles of the Grange and life.

“This is where it all starts,” Booth said. “Qualities that I learned in the Junior Grange, along with FFA, Job’s Daughters, school and church make up who I am right now. You never know what you’re going to spark.”

Because of this, Booth said it is important that the National Junior department focus on developing programming that “will bring out leadership qualities in the Junior members … who will be the leaders of their communities and the Grange in years to come.”

Booth also said she hopes to unveil a redesigned National Junior Grange website in the coming months.

Booth and her husband have three daughters, Amanda, 31, of Chico, Calif., LoRee Lampke, 29, and KayLynn, 26, both of Paradise.

Booth can be reached by email at junior@nationalgrange.org.

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